MASCULINE true energy type


Your True Energy Type is NOT about any “new-agism” of the Divine Masculine and Feminine and it is not about balancing Yin or Yang energy.  Imagine that life is a highway; that highway only has 2 lanes – the fast lane and the slow lane.  Both are awesome BUT only one of them is “right” for you.  Being out of alignment with this energy is very PHYSICALLY taxing on you and is the reason that you create and attract chaos.  This is the most important awareness of your behaviour that you will EVER have.

If you are MASCULINE ENERGY.  Your lane is the FAST lane.  This means that your superpower, should you choose to develop it, is to actually and literally speed things up for yourself and others.  You can speed up time, thoughts, feelings and experiences. When you go too slow or avoid taking action then the effect will always be chaos. You create by doing – figure out what you want then make it happen.  Stop settling for whatever comes your way and never wait around for something to show up – you are a risk taker!  While being present in the moment is great – you have the ability to move quickly through the past to understand what went wrong and to move just as quickly through the future to analyze opportunities.  Make sure “quickly” is always the keyword when not in the present moment – getting stuck in the past is anger that will turn to depression for you and projecting too far into the future is worry that turns to anxiety – no exception. You absolutely require some element of risk, action and /or adventure in order to thrive – often it “is” the reward.  You are meant to be active, creative and intelligent. You are a “doer”, likely an excellent multi-tasker with a short attention span.

IMPORTANT: If you are not this or couldn’t fathom “being” these characteristics that is a great indication that you are out of alignment and in survival mode. If you took 1 week and focused on being these characteristics – your life will change for the better!  To sum it up  – speed it up, move freely through the past, present and future.  Make things happen and take the necessary risks required to get it done!