Remembering Our Truth…


In this complimentary Spiritual self-development tool is called The Divine Assignment. This the first step towards that space and time were you will begin an incredible personal development journey of Self Awareness; where you will begin to want to remember what YOUR Divine Assignment is.

Imagine that we are all in fact Spirit ~ 100% pure all-knowing Cosmic Energy. As that pure energetic form, we are like the Librarian who has read every single book in the library yet has never had an experience of their own. We do not know what it is like to think, feel or experience matter. Yet, we wanted to experience a multi-dimensional individual existence. We wanted thoughts and feelings and a body to experience matter.  So we chose Human.

So we chose, yes, we literally chose to leave the singular Cosmic plane (also referred to as the First Dimension) and came to this multidimensional Earthly plane (the Third Dimension). That means that we not only chose Earth but we also chose to become Human.

Why did we do this? Well, because ‘Human Being’ is a school of sorts. A school of remembering our truth.  Every single primordial order, philosophy and religion can agree on one thing and that is the purpose of Human existence – TO KNOW THYSELF.

Yes, it really is that simple. Imagine that we have each come here, to this third-dimensional Earthly plane on a DIVINE ASSIGNMENT. In part to have thoughts, feelings and experiences but also to learn, remember and grow through Self Awareness. 

This complementary 39-minute video explains our ultimate truth… That each ‘Spirit Energy having a Human experience’ has an embedded “story” within their cellular memory that includes all of the details about our purpose on this planet… and we are all in the process of REMEMBERING. This purpose, without exception, is to learn as much about “being” a Human as possible from the unique individual perspective of Self.