The Divine Assignment

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ABOUT The Divine Assignment

The Divine Assignment is a mystical concept that suggests every human being on this 3rd dimensional plane, called Earth, has chosen to be here and that we are all here for a very specific reason.  In a 39-minute video, you will learn the story of who we really are and how we came to be.  You will not be asked to believe everything that is shared, rather to imagine what is being shared is possible.  

While this lesson is called a “story”, it is actually a remembering.  As I explain to you the 3 key concepts of the Divine Assignment including WHO you really are, WHY you are here and HOW you are meant to navigate Human Being, I will also share exactly WHAT has made you forget all of this.  In addition, the Divine Assignment will explain exactly why many of us feel sick and tired of being sick and tired most of the time and why life truly seems to be really hard. I explain this as Spiritual Disconnection.

If Human being had a users manual then The Divine Assignment would in fact be the very first chapter

In this complementary lesson. you are being asked to imagine that YOU ARE in fact Spirit ~ 100% pure Energy ~ who has ‘chosen’ Human being as a school of sorts.  You, like each and every other person on this planet, have come here on a DIVINE ASSIGNMENT, in part to have thoughts, feelings and experiences but also to learn and grow.  The kicker is that most of us have forgotten our Divine Assignment. Fortunately, embedded within our cellular memory are all of the details… just waiting for you to REMEMBER.

Key Concepts

Soul Reading Testimonial

Shirley Gee

“When I started working with you, I really had no idea where it would take me. I have grown in all aspects of my life. I am open to love, forgiveness and living my best life. I have been searching for so long and you helped me find it all within myself.”