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Gathering Together to Learn, Heal, Share & Grow

All three of these unique LIVE events are custom designed by Traci Trimble, PhD D.MPsych for the most optimal physical and spiritual outcome.  Before each session Traci will sit in the energy of each registered Spiritual Seeker to determine exactly what tools and techniques will best serve the intention of deprogramming generational trauma, raising frequency & vibration and then reprogramming the cellular memory.  

If you are more likely drawn to a quick journey through sound therapy than choose SPIRITUAL RESET CIRCLE, if you need more space and time to process your healing then choose the weekend getaway called SELF LOVE RETREAT or if you are ready to meet the plant teachers as your guides then choose SACRED MEDICINE CIRCLE.  Either way, rest assured that you will receive exactly what you need!

Advanced Self Awareness


In this sacred ceremonial circle, we will use a specific plant medicine* to journey with Mother Earth (Mamacita), Father Heaven (Cosmic Intelligence) and their children the plant teachers. You must be both called by these teachers and apply for a seat within this live and in-person private retreat.

This session is ideal when you are ready - because you have done your own work honestly - to feel inspired, to experience deeper levels of Self Love, open to greater depths of mental and/or emotional connection or you are looking to explore new paths and opportunities for Spiritual Awakening.

Classes are small and intimate, are 10-hours in duration and included the ceremony, treatment, a healthy meal and 2 integration sessions.

Weekend Spiritual Getaway

The SELF LOVE Retreat

Twice every year, in April & in November, we make it a priority to design an empowering 3-day weekend getaway of Shadow work and stepping into an energy cycle of Self Love. More than just a weekend away at an award winning resort and spa, these weekends are educational, dynamic, healing and restorative. Each day brings together the philosophy and experience of Metaphysics, Meditation, Sound Healing, Sacred Ceremony and Yoga to create an empowering environment purposefully customized to allow for a deep intentional release of the non-beneficial physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks that have been distracting YOU (with or without your awareness) from living in your highest good. Together, we set the intention of activating and move through spiritual SELF LOVE with an intentful awareness to transforming the intimate connection between body, mind and heart.

Cellular Memory Healing


In this sacred circle, we will call in your unique ancestors and this timeline’s Akashic records to deprogram the blocked generational trauma energy and the affected chakra using sound therapy, mediation and energy medicine to reprogram the cellular memory to a viscerally higher vibration. You are brought into a profound state of Self Awareness as the ceremony uncovers obstacles of ego and activates rich experiences of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing. This 3-hour dynamic session is ideal when you are feeling uninspired, experiencing self-sabotage, struggling with mental or emotional chaos or looking to explore new paths or opportunities.

Classes are small and intimate, only three hours in duration and included the ceremony, treatment and integration session.