Coaching & Group Support

This program has an optional weekly coaching session and a private group to support you

Advanced Practitioners

Level Three Membership The Advanced Practitioner Development Program has been designed to support all graduates of the Practitioner’s Journey Certification should they choose to dive deeply into their own practice of ‘doing the work honestly combined with the drive to be of enormous benefit as the practitioner. This intensive membership program offers guidance, mentorship and …

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Self Mastery Alumni

KNOW THYSELF Level Two Membership In this monthly gathering of graduates of the Soul Healing Protocol program we take the commitment of SELF MASTERY to the next level of Spirit Energy having a Human experience as we intertwine the philosophy of ‘Know Thyself’, our Scale of Awareness and the Natural Laws of the Universe to …

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Next Level Alumni

Self Mastery Alumni Description You have graduated Soul Healing Protocol however you are not ready or interested in the commitment of Membership Level Two – KNOW THYSELF yet you still want to be able to work with your Blueprint.  In this complimentary self driven online process you are provided tools and techniques for ongoing Self …

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Soul Healing Circle

Level One Membership Description Get Started The best place to begin your Spiritual Journey to Self Awareness is here in the Self Awareness Academy where you can be a part of an interactive community of Spiritual Seekers just like you.  In this membership-based community we gather live online each week for 2 hours of learning, …

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Soul Healing Protocol

Protocol Description Get Started SOUL HEALING PROTOCOL™ Are you ready to be guided through a self-paced journey from Spiritually Disconnected to Self Awareness without judgement?  Actually, the even bigger question is WHY would you embark on such an intensive 24-part proprietary Energy Medicine Protocol created by Traci Trimble, PhD.? Well, because you are sick and …

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