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On-demand video content and expert support in the continual development of your Spiritual based Self Awareness.  HEALING generational trauma, BUILDING your own unique roadmap for being Human & TEACHING you to thrive in a state of happiness that can only be described as “Mostly Awesome, Most of the Time”

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Wouldn’t it be really amazing if there was a manual for being Human? Guess what, there is!! What is even more exciting is that within that user manual there is a chapter uniquely all about YOU.  The Self Awareness Academy is not only where you get access to that user manual but also where we guide you through creating that chapter for your own Self!  Check out the simplified version of a 3 step map to get you started…


Remembering Your True Self ...

The DIVINE ASSIGNMENT is chapter one in your Human Being user's manual. It is a complementary recorded session that explains who we truly are and why we are here. It also explains why we have forgotten our Truth; Investment $0, less than 1 hour


Healing Generations of Trauma ...

The SOUL HEALING PROTOCOL is a guided online journey from HURT to HEAL that deprograms your FEAR stories and reprograms your cellular memory to your LOVE stories; Investment $2825, minimum of 22 weeks for 2 hours

Soul Healing Protocol

Learning to Live your Truth ...

The SELF AWARENESS MEMBERSHIP is a live, interactive community offering weekly metaphysical lessons and healing downloads, loaded with benefits; Your $45 monthly investment includes over $5000 worth of content and 3 hours a week of new content

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Introducing Traci Trimble, PhD ~ a Spiritual Guide & Metaphysical Teacher since 2009, with an International Presence since 2018

Melissa Skitch

Following Traci Trimble, PhD since 2017.  I am so proud of what I have accomplished with Traci’s guidance. I feel more empowered and courageous everyday!


Meet Your Support Team...

The team at True Path Consulting Group is committed to making your experience in The Self Awareness Academy a safe space to Learn, Share, Heal, Grow & Prosper…


Traci Trimble

Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology; Energy Medicine Practitioner; Bioenergetic Therapist

Allison Saul

Allison Saul

Director of Client Care; Energy Medicine Practitioner; Bioenergetic Therapist

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